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Monday, 23 March 2020 18:40

Five Steps For Marketing Your Rental Property

Asheville residents often feel like they are competing over the same few apartments and rental homes. People are flocking to our area for the opportunity to secure a great new job in view of the mountains while enjoying a wide range of outdoor activities whenever they are not at work. Property values have steadily risen for some time as the demand has increased, and there is no end in sight the growth in our area; therefore, it is that much more frustrating when you have trouble filling a vacancy in your rental unit. 

The key to solving ongoing vacancy issues with the right tenants is effective property marketing. In this article, we are providing # steps to getting the word out about your excellent rental. 


Five Marketing Tips for Your Asheville Rental Property

1) Clean Up Your Place and Stage It 

First impression is as important as location when it comes to marketing your rental vacancy. When you are preparing to photograph, list, and give tours for your property, make sure you clean it up, make necessary repairs, and stage it first. If your property appears to already be lived in, potential tenants will be steered away from wanting to know more. 

2) Take Excellent Photographs

When searching for a place to rent, your potential tenants will spend as much as 60% of their time sifting through photographs. That means they may make up their mind before they even view your property in person. If you want to fill a vacancy, you need good photography. Some property photography tips include:

  • Golden Hour Exterior Shot: About an hour before sunset, you want to snap a high-quality photo of the exterior of your rental property.
  • Shoot Straight: Avoid shooting tilted or crocked pictures of the inside of your space. 
  • Lighting: Air for bright and clean lighting without overexposure. Shooting toward windows with a lot of natural light will lead to overexposure and white out. 
  • Avoid Smart Phones: Use a quality DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens and a tripod. Smartphone lenses are typically not wide enough to capture the small spaces inside your rental property.
  • No Flash: You risk under and overexposure in the same picture when using a flash for indoor photography. 
  • Consider Hiring a Professional: Photos of your property are incredibly important. Consider hiring a professional real estate photographer to ensure the highest quality photos possible. 

3) List Everywhere 

From newspapers to local periodicals to online databases, makes sure your rental property is in front of as many eyes as possible. For residents moving from out-of-town, they may do the vast majority of their searching on these databases. Your high-quality photographs will help set your home apart from others in classifieds and online listing sites. 

4) Use Social Media Tools

Social media is increasingly important when marketing your rental property. When people see a nice place, even if they are not searching for a place to rent, they will share it with their friends and family. Furthermore, your potential tenants will be reading reviews about your property that could help them make the final decision to tour your place or fill out an application. 

5) Get Professional Help

Through long experience, Asheville Phoenix Properties knows exactly where to market your property which is a significant advantage when it comes to filling your properties quickly and avoiding long vacancies. It is not just about filling a vacancy, you want to find the right tenants you can trust with your investment. That means your application and screening process needs to be thorough and effective as well. A property management company with experience in the Asheville area can help ensure your rental is marketed in all the right places to the tenants for whom you are searching. 

If you would like to know more about the marketing and many other advantages of hiring a property management company, contact Asheville Phoenix Properties