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Saturday, 20 February 2021 14:51

Spring Home Maintenance Tips in Western North Carolina

After a long winter in Asheville, residents are ready to get out and enjoy the sun and warmth of spring. It is one of the best times to be in western North Carolina. Soon the snow and ice will melt, and the hills and mountains will come alive with color. Trees and flowers will be in full bloom, and temperatures will be perfect for getting outside and enjoying the beauty of the Asheville area. It is the best season to explore the thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, do some fly fishing in the rivers and creeks, and take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 


Winter can be tough on homes in the Asheville area. If you are a rental property owner, you may want to get out and about, but spring can end up becoming a season of property maintenance for all of your rental units. Here are eight key spring maintenance tips to make sure your tenants are happy:

8 Spring Maintenance Tips for Western North Carolina

1) Roof and Gutters 

It has been a cold and snowy winter in western North Carolina. We have had multiple rounds of icy weather, which can be hard on roofing and gutters. A few leaves left on your roof or gutter from fall will get wet and freeze. When the water freezes, it expands and gets heavier, punching holes in shingles and gutters. Leaking roofs will lead to moisture issues in attics, including water damage and mold development. Malfunctioning gutters will cause drainage issues on your property. It is vital to make sure you do not neglect roof and gutter maintenance this spring.

2) Lawncare, Landscaping, and Drainage

While snow is pretty to watch fall, heavy wet snow and ice can damage landscaping and leave a mess on your property. Snowmelt and frequent rainfall this winter has exasperated drainage issues and erosion throughout the area. Before spring thunderstorms and torrential rainfall strikes, make sure your lawn care and landscaping issues are addressed.

3) Basements and Crawl Spaces 

With all the wet weather, basements and crawl spaces that are already prone to moisture issues may have water damage that can lead to wood rot, termites, and mold development. As the temperatures warm, make sure there are no signs of water damage and termites under your rental properties. 

4) Windows and Doors

Drafty doors and windows can release a significant amount of the heating and air conditioning energy from your rental property. This will drive up energy prices for you and your tenants and can reduce the lifespan of the HVAC system. 

5) Heating and Air Conditioning

Speaking of heating and air conditioning, a cold winter like this one may reveal issues with the HVAC system in your rental property. If your system requires maintenance this spring, do not neglect it. Issues will not clear up on their own, and the catastrophic failure of a heating and air conditioning system will be expensive. You do not want to find yourself replacing a unit in the heat of summer.

6) Indoor and Outdoor Plumbing

With multiple hard freezes this winter, your rental home's plumbing systems may have developed leaks. A single leak can waste thousands of gallons of water in a year or even a month in some cases. Water damage and organic growth will also accompany leaking pipes. Make sure your property's indoor and outdoor plumbing is in good shape before summer.

7) Decks and Patios

Before your tenants and their families begin to venture outside more often to enjoy the beautiful weather, issues with decks and patios can become safety hazards. Make sure repairs are made to decks and railings before spring gets underway. Patios and decks that have had snowmelt treatments need to be pressure washed. 

8) Fencing 

Winter can be tough on fencing products as well. Wood fences may need to be re-stained before the spring and summer sun beats them down. Every type of fencing could use a good pressure washing as the weather warms. 

Rental home maintenance may feel like it takes up all of your free time and then some. Even if you are not performing the repairs yourself, just scheduling it all can be a full-time job. You need a team you can trust to handle your properties'- maintenance needs. Asheville Phoenix Properties is your western North Carolina property management expert! Whether you have one or multiple rental properties, the time and energy you save with our management services are well worth it. Contact us for more information about our property management services in Asheville.