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In the US, more than 68% of households have at least one pet, and with 44 million renters, that means more than likely that you will be marketing to pet owners. If you own a rental property, it is important to understand the connection between a family and their pet. By allowing pets, you can increase your pool of potential renters.

Owning rental properties can be a very rewarding business venture. When operated correctly, rental properties can provide a landlord with a decent ROI which can be reinvested into new properties, snowballing the possibilities of building wealth in our current world. 

Sometimes owning a rental property isn't always roses. When irreconcilable issues come up between you and your tenant, it is important to know the laws to ensure that you are not breaking them, especially when your tenant refuses to pay rent. 

So you have found the perfect rental investment in Asheville, North Carolina. The price is right, it's near downtown, and it only needs a few things to bring it up to what the market is looking for. With the influx of money and newcomers to the city, there is no reason it won’t command high rents. But will it? 

Many times real estate investors will look strictly at ROI and the balance sheet and think, “this is the perfect rental investment.” What happens if that perfect investment is in a crime-ridden neighborhood? How does the crime rate affect your return on investment and overall marketability? 

As a property owner in Asheville, NC, competition is tight. The market is constantly changing, and it is essential to stay on top of all property management trends. Keeping your renters happy is an important way to keep your good tenants for longer terms, further boosting your return on investment.

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