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Finding Good Tenants Western North CarolinaFinding good tenants is arguably the single most critical function of a property owner or manager. While it can take time to develop a screening process and thoroughly vet prospective tenants, it is time well spent - and you will see a return. Asheville Phoenix Properties provides full-service property management for single and multi-family units in Buncombe County and parts of Haywood and Henderson Counties. If you struggle to find and keep reliable tenants, we can help.

How to Find the Best Tenants in the Asheville Area

Professional property management is beneficial for landlords and owners in a variety of situations. Some are remote and cannot be onsite regularly. Others do not want to be available at all hours, and many have other jobs, investments, or commitments that limit their time. Regardless of your specific situation, Asheville Phoenix Properties specializes in delivering services that make running your properties as easy as possible. You can be hands-off - but rest assured your properties are receiving full hands-on treatment.

We are experts at finding good tenants in Western North Carolina. This involves:

  • Effectively advertising the property in the appropriate media (e.g. social media, newspapers, etc.) to target the right audience
  • Implement a thorough screening process
  • Interview and vet every potential tenant (including checking residential references and credit history)
  • Communicate effectively with prospective and current tenants
  • Develop contracts that will protect your - and your tenants - rights, ensuring each party is treated fairly and in compliance with rental laws
  • Help you build a healthy waiting list to reduce vacancies

Finding good tenants is half the battle. Keeping them is equally essential. To do this, we focus on building respectful relationships with every one of your tenants. If they have an issue, we address it. If they have a dispute, we help resolve it according to the terms of the lease and the law. Treating tenants as valuable assets instead of liabilities is essential.

Finding good tenants in Western North Carolina is a necessary step for every property owner. Contact Asheville Phoenix Properties today to launch a strategy that will yield the results you need.