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How to Attract Good Tenants to Your PropertyAsheville is the best place in North Carolina to own rental property. Renting and buying are always in high demand in the neighborhood, with thousands of new residents moving in each year. Despite the fact that cranes appear to have become a constant fixture of our skyline in the last five to ten years, renters may believe that all the excellent units have been taken. 

How to Attract Good Renters Asheville, NC

If you have a fantastic rental property available, the correct tenants must be able to find it. As a result, you must employ efficient strategies to attract good renters.

Tips on How to Attract Good Renters

Several tools can be used to attract good renters. It is also important to have an idea of what a good renter means to you. By identifying your target market and having realistic expectations about your property, you can start the journey of attracting good renters.

Once you have that down, attracting quality tenants by showing off your willingness to be a quality landlord is critical. Otherwise, here are a few tips on how to attract good tenants:

  • Write a thorough listing
  • Schedule personalized property showings
  • Consider the atmosphere and timing when showing your property
  • Be organized and professional
  • Come prepared with handouts and white papers on the property
  • Have a solid understanding of all of the local amenities
  • Build a buyer persona and build your marketing from there
  • Stage the space to meet your target client's ideal lifestyle
  • Properly market your property - (To learn more about this, check out Marketing Your Rental Property Asheville, NC)

When you have a proper game plan, understand your ideal renter, and put forth the effort to make the space fit your dream tenant, you have a better chance of attracting the best possible renter for your space. 

When you have the “ideal tenant,” you can be at ease knowing that your property will be well taken care of, as well as have a solid case study to “rinse and repeat” the next time you decide to rent a property. 

Hire a Property Manager to Find Good Renters

Attracting good renters in Asheville may seem like a lot of work, and in some cases, it is, especially when you are trying to enjoy the area's many amenities, such as outdoor recreation or incredible craft beer. Sometimes it is best to leave the work up to the professionals so that you can truly put your investments to work for you instead of having to do all the work yourself.

By hiring a professional property manager, you never have to worry about marketing your properties or weeding through hundreds of client applicants to find the ideal client. It is all handled by the property management company. 

If you would like to spend less time working to attract potential renters and worrying about your rental properties, contact Asheville Phoenix Properties today. Our team will get to work on marketing your property, finding quality renters, and managing your property throughout the term of a lease.