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roiAsheville, NC, is a dream city to work and live in. There really is no reason not to love this beautiful city that we call home. Just the access to the hefty food and beer scene makes for a wonderful home.

Asheville - The Premier Craft Beer City

Asheville beer culture began in 1994 when a retired engineer by the name of Oscar Wong moved to town. He opened Highland Brewing company and changed everything. Asheville was put on the map by winning the annual Beer City USA poll four times in a row, and garnered the attention of Sierra Nevada and New Belgium. 

Rental Property Screening

While owning a rental property amid such an incredible craft beer scene may sound like the dream (and often it is), sometimes there are hard facts that renting out your property is indeed work. With that comes the responsibility of screening your tenants to ensure that you find the best fit for your property (and your sanity).

Set Minimum Requirements 

Because of the costs of evictions, it is important to set a few roadblocks to make sure that your tenants meet these minimum requirements.

  • Income - If a tenant does not have enough income to cover their rent, then you may find yourself in a pickle. Utilize a rent-to-income ratio calculator to see if your prospective tenant can afford rent.
  • References - A good way to better understand your prospective tenant is to gather references from previous landlords and employees. Are they good workers? Are they honest? Do they pay their rent on time? These are some basic questions that can lead to information on whether they will work out.
  • Credit History - By having an understanding of their credit history (typically by way of their credit score), you can learn whether or not they are responsible and prompt with payments.

Create an Application

By creating an application, you can easily evaluate prospective clients by making them include information based on your minimum requirements. Make sure that the application is signed and dated just in case there are any disputes.

Asheville Phoenix Properties - The Premier Rental Property Management Company

Asheville Phoenix Properties is a renowned real estate management company that may help you avoid many of the difficulties that come with renting out properties. We operate as a liaison between your prospective renters and you, taking care to screen and pick out only the best tenants for your properties. 

We have over twenty-five years of real estate management experience and know-how to help owners and tenants by handling every area of a rental property.

If you would like to spend less time screening potential renters and worrying about your rental properties, contact Asheville Phoenix Properties today. Our team will get to work on marketing your property, finding quality renters, and managing your property throughout the term of a lease.