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pros cons pet friendlyPets are an important part of our lives, and if you have pets yourself, then you understand the connection that we have with our beloved animals. But when it comes to renting out your property to pet owners, you may think twice.

Of course, there are stories of pets scratching up the walls, animal waste on the property, and loud ruckus to be heard at night. However, while some landlords may deny the idea of pets in their rental, you might want to consider allowing pets.

There are plenty of benefits that come from allowing pets in your units, including the larger pool of applicants, as well as the opportunity to charge a more competitive rent. There is also a lot that landlords can do to mitigate potential pet-related problems. 

Why You Should Be a Pet-Friendly Landlord

  • A Larger Pool of Applicants from Which to Choose: Every tenant with a dog knows finding pet-friendly accommodation can be difficult. Most rentals don’t allow pets, and the ones that do often have strict breed and weight limits for dogs. The decision to allow them will open up a large pool of potential tenants, giving you more qualified applicants from which to choose.
  • Enjoy Responsible and Stable Tenants: While having a pet doesn’t make someone a more responsible person, a pet can be a sign of commitment. Pets require you to look after them, feed them, take them on walks, vet appointments, training, and so much more. A tenant’s dedication to their pet could reflect their commitment to making the rent and taking care of the property. 
  • Find Long-Term Tenants: Finding a pet-friendly rental can be a challenge. When tenants find a pet-friendly rental property, they’ll often stay longer. 
  • Rent Your Property Faster: Having a pet-friendly rental also means that when a tenant does leave, there’s a good chance that your unit won’t be empty for long. Once you allow pets, your rental will stand out more. 
  • Happier Tenants: Pets have been shown to lower stress and increase happiness. Happy tenants will make your life a lot easier. If you have a multi-unit property, allowing pet-friendly spaces will also help to foster a sense of community. 
  • Increase Your Bottom Line: In many states, you can charge a higher security deposit or “pet rent.” This, combined with a reduction in vacancies and the money that you’ll save on advertising the property, can significantly impact your bottom line. Most renters will be happy to pay a bit extra to keep their pets with them. 
  • Have the Upper Hand: Allowing pets will give you the upper hand when it comes to your rental units, giving you more control over what goes on at your property. By allowing pets, you can reserve the right to screen pets, require that all animals are up-to-date on their vaccinations, have a clean bill of health, and be spayed or neutered. 

Asheville Phoenix Properties in Asheville, NC

You will find Asheville and many places in the North Carolina mountains to be very pet-friendly. The Blue Ridge Mountains is a great place to explore with your four-legged friend. There are miles of beautiful mountain trails, watering holes, and plenty of pet-friendly activities to find downtown. 

In pet-friendly Asheville, allowing pets on your rental property will increase your attractiveness on the market. Asheville Phoenix Properties can help you manage every aspect of rental property ownership. We serve all of Buncombe County and parts of Henderson and Haywood Counties. Contact us for more information about property ownership