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TProperty Inspection Checklist Asheville, NChere has not been a better time to own rental property in Asheville, NC. With the availability of good jobs, world-class food and art, incredible scenery, and more outdoor activities than one could experience in a lifetime, tens of thousands of people are moving to western North Carolina each year. Many property owners are finding the gaps between tenants shorter and shorter each time a renter moves out. Between tenants, it is important to conduct a move-out inspection to ensure your property will be ready for the next tenant. Here is a property inspection checklist:

Property Inspection Checklist for Asheville, North Carolina

Before a tenant’s move-out process is complete, it is important to conduct a walk-through. In this walk-through, you will document any items left behind and any damages incurred. Normal wear and tear is not something you can deduct from the security deposit; however, in the unfortunate event a tenant violated the lease with excess damage or a big mess, you will need written and visual documentation. Your property inspection checklist should include searching your home and checking these things:

  • Items left behind in closets, under sinks, attics, basements, etc.
  • Items left outside in storage bins, sheds, under decks, in crawlspaces, etc.
  • Damage to walls, flooring, roofing, etc.
  • Water damage from unreported or recently occurring leaks
  • Damaged or dirty blinds, shades, etc.
  • Appliances are in working order
  • Pet-related damages
  • Windows and doors open, shut, and lock
  • Intentionally hidden damages
  • Hoses and outdoor equipment are in working order

As long as your lease protects you effectively, if tenants do leave behind more damage than what is considered normal wear and tear, you are protected. That is why it is so vital to hire the right property management company in the Asheville area. Contact Asheville Phoenix Properties for more information about how you can make sure you are protected when tenants move out.