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Property Maintenance Asheville, NCThere are few places better to own property than western North Carolina. Our area has experienced unprecedented growth in the last several decades for a variety of reasons. An emphasis on the arts, combined with the beautiful natural surroundings, led to a rapid rise in tourism. With millions of visitors each year, the Asheville area's economy grew rapidly, bringing new jobs and housing needs. An influx of new residents led to new businesses, great career opportunities, and even more new residents. Property values have grown steadily in Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, and surrounding counties. 

Whether you have a single house or multiple rental properties in western North Carolina, you know you have a solid investment. If you want to make sure you have happy tenants and reduced vacancy periods, it is vital to keep up with property maintenance. Here are a few property maintenance tips from an experienced property management company in the Asheville area:

Spring Property Maintenance Tips from Asheville Phoenix Properties

Here is what you need to know about property maintenance in western North Carolina:

  • Roofing: A few leaves on the roof can lead to a host of issues during winter when it rains and snows. It is important to inspect and repair roofing damaged by winter rain, snow, and ice. 
  • Plumbing: Sub-freezing temperatures can do damage to indoor and outdoor plumbing. Inspect and repair any leaking pipes as soon as possible.
  • Basements and Crawl Spaces: As the temperatures warm, excess moisture in basements and crawl spaces can cause water damage and attract termites. Make sure there are no signs of water and termites in your rental property. 
  • Cleaning: Make sure decks, patios, and fencing is pressure washed after winter. 
  • Decks: After a long winter of snow and ice on decks and patios, they may be showing signs of wear, wood rot, and other damage. If not repaired, these issues can become safety hazards for your tenants. 
  • Windows and Doors: Winter will often reveal drafty windows and doors. These issues are not just inconvenient; they will increase energy bills and cause the HVAC system to work harder. 
  • Landscaping: If your property's landscaping has been damaged by winter storms, it will become an eyesore for your tenants during spring and summer. 

If you have property in western North Carolina, maintenance can feel like a full-time job. Nevertheless, routine maintenance is vital for the happiness and safety of your tenants and the preservation of your investment. The time you can save by hiring a quality property management team is priceless. Rather than spending the entirety of a beautiful western North Carolina spring patching up your property, you can enjoy our area with your family. If you would like to know more about how you can save time and potentially money with experienced property management in western North Carolina, contact the team at Asheville Phoenix Properties