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Affordable Rental Property ImprovementsThe Asheville, NC, rental market is blowing up,  which means more money for rental property owners.  However, just because you have a rental on the market doesn't mean that your turnover on finding a tenant quickly is going to be automatic. 

Rental Property Cheap Improvement Ideas Asheville, NC

Marketing a property that is outdated or uninteresting may not yield the right tenants. So we have put together a list of low-cost improvement ideas that you can do to your rental property.

Freshen Up With a Coat of Paint

Nothing can quite come close to the look of a freshly painted room. You can take drab, underwhelming walls and completely redefine the feel of your house by painting them with modern colors (or fresh white). More often than not, painting is one of the lowest-cost ways to update a home and can make spaces look larger and more appealing.

Refinish Cabinets 

If your house is a bit older than the rest, then you are likely walking into a cave of a kitchen due to the popularity of dark cabinets from the bygone era. Don’t fret; you're not going to have to replace your cabinet doors. 

One option is to clean and refinish them with paint or a bright stain. As a bonus, you can add new handles and completely transform your dull old cabinetry.

Recaulk Bathroom

There is nothing more unappealing than aging caulk, especially in the bathroom. It cracks, changes color, collects mildew, and sometimes allows for water to seep through and damage the wallboard behind the tile. Whatever the case, old, dried-out caulk has to go. 

Fortunately, caulk is cheap and easy to apply. All you need is a few tools, gloves, caulk, and a few paper towels, and you are ready to go. Just make sure you read the instructions before you start, and you will be good to go!

Hopefully, these quick tips help get you well on your way to updating your rental property. To get that newly refreshed property rented out and turning a profit, working with a property management company like Asheville Phoenix Properties is imperative.

 Asheville Phoenix Properties has been serving Asheville along with the rest of Buncombe County, as well as parts of Henderson and Haywood Counties, since 1995. We assist property owners from start to finish to ensure that your property is marketed well and filled as quickly as possible with quality tenants. 

To learn more about how Asheville Phoenix Properties can help, contact us today!