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should i purchase rental property in ashevilleWith all of the excellent advantages that our community has to offer, Asheville is a simple place to live. It is understandable why so many people have decided to call Asheville, North Carolina, home. There is everything from a fantastic culinary scene to a large number of breweries, making Asheville near-perfect.

Asheville, Mountain Town with Big City Amenities

Asheville is one of the best mountain cities and is situated at the junction of the French Broad and Swannanoa Rivers, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and many national forests. You can find lists of the Top Mountain Communities to Visit all over the internet, including Asheville and several of the nearby towns.

Should I Purchase a Rental Property In Asheville?

There are several opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, kayaking, and climbing. If shopping and leisure are more your speed, Asheville’s downtown is home to plenty of shops and boutiques. 

Unique restaurants, bars, and coffee shops line the streets and offer a wide variety of cuisine. Due to all of these fantastic amenities, Asheville's population is increasing, and renters are following suit.

The Housing Market

As inflation continues to rise, so do housing prices, and with that said, no time is better than the present to purchase a property with the intent to rent. The likelihood of prices falling, especially in Asheville, are low. However, due to rising housing prices, many residents are more likely to rent than buy. Fifty one percent of Asheville residents are renters, and as more people move to the area, there are more opportunities for landlords to capitalize on the rental boom. 

With the demand for single-family rental properties reaching a 25-year high, it only makes sense that now is a great time to be a landlord. 

Should I Purchase a Rental Property?

For those who are financially sound and have enough cash flow to invest in rental properties, purchasing a rental property in Asheville, NC, is a no-brainer. There are so many reasons why rental properties can be a good investment, including the following:

  • The potential to earn additional income with a more hands-off approach.
  • Long-term appreciation as you hold on to your rental property.
  • Tax benefits such as deductions for operating expenses, mortgage interest, property tax, and depreciation
  • An asset that can be used to potentially hedge against inflation

While you may not get rich quickly, purchasing a rental property can help build long-term wealth and diversify your investment portfolio. 

Asheville Phoenix Properties - Your Premier Rental Property Management Company

Once you have your rental property, hiring a property management company can help you get the most out of your rental property while also saving you time and money. 

Leading real estate management company Asheville Phoenix Properties can help by handling many of the hassles connected with renting out properties year-round. We operate as a point of contact between you and your tenants, taking care of service needs and seeing that the right steps are taken to establish a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

We can assist owners and renters by managing every aspect of a rental property thanks to our more than 25 years of real estate management expertise.

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